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  root 7fa7b2165f final changes to make it Work 2 weeks ago
  root f909a053d2 fix some glitches 3 weeks ago
  root f3fea85182 Add patch for hCaptcha support 3 weeks ago
  root 3e2442ab75 Deprecate 3.1.1 backported fix for account export issues as fixed in 3.1.2 2 months ago
  root 841170de06 Remove halfbaked idea of an overlay tree when it is just as simple to have a patch file (generated from diff -ruN old new) 3 months ago
  root c43ccdb654 Added ability to bundle arbitrary patches - current patches include a backport from master to fix export issues on 3.1.1 for accounts with a larger export size. TODO - add a way of automatically excluding patches for specific versions 3 months ago
  root c6709a955a Update generate-patch.sh to use env.var or first argument, rather than hard-coding version. 3 months ago
  Maff 8b38e7e454 version bump, fix docker tags and add optional docker push automation 9 months ago
  mastodon b830ac92d4 Fix permission for generate-patch.sh 1 year ago
  Maff 7434bb45ad Update 'deploy/Dockerfile' 1 year ago
  Maff 94e82301b3 Updating to v2.8 1 year ago
  mastodon 2b4fbcbc91 fixed patch script again 1 year ago
  Maff f14c86e8a7 Add back in the source.rb thing 1 year ago
  mastodon 9116f77ec7 Fix mode on generate-patch again 1 year ago
  mastodon db8c3e5d6a Move themes.yml to assets dir 1 year ago
  Maff fa235816f0 Fix locales not being fully preserved; fix meemu's theemus becoming the defaults 1 year ago
  Maff 97b506807e Fix themes.yml being reset 1 year ago
  mastodon 3d95989f19 Fix erroneous tagging 1 year ago
  mastodon e5ddaf5f21 For speed, why not just use the local mirror for mastodon 1 year ago
  mastodon 48723b3cc6 Another theemu bugfix 1 year ago
  mastodon bac6941fd0 Fixed incorrect git repo for theemu 1 year ago
  mastodon de463a2ead Updated Mastodon to 2.7.4 1 year ago
  Maff 809766c097 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Maff ae967e95f9 Update 'generate-patch.sh' 1 year ago
  Maff f4671fdc38 Update 'deploy/Dockerfile' 1 year ago
  Maff 2677314069 Update 'generate-patch.sh' 1 year ago
  Maff d247d9ad09 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Maff c7f5ec3da4 Add dockerfile for queerparty/mastodon 1 year ago
  Maff 4238d40776 Add generate-patch.sh 1 year ago
  Maff 3db19addaa Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Maff 4ca7ae9ab8 Initial commit 1 year ago